Location: Mazraat Yachouh, Industrial Estate, K Street

Land: 2,156 m2
Building: 1,963 m2
-Ground Floor (5.5m high): 832 m2
-1st Floor (3.2m high): 764 m2
-Offices (Mezanine): 186 m2
-Furnished Studio (on Roof): 94 m2
-Basement: 87 m2

Note: an additional 200 m2 can still be built on the roof.

Power Station 250 KVA.
MAN Generator 200 KVA.
Air Compressors x2, 1000 L each + piping across ground and 1st floor.
Industrial Elevator 1 ton.
Underground tanks, diesel 8000 L, petrol 2000 L.
Heavy duty warehouse racks.
Offices x10 fully furnished including complete IT network + wireless + Ogera ADSL.
Central A/C for offices x2 (5T, 0T).
Telephone lines x5, mobile line x1.
Kitchenette incl. espresso + water machine.
Cafeteria incl. fridge, microwave, Cafe Najjar coffee machine.
The roof (open air) is carpet-insulated against all environment conditions.
Outstanding electrical engineering: cabling, boards, systems etc.
Complete landscaping
Parking lot (8 cars)
Factory permit (rokhsit ithtismar sina3iyeh)

This modern-looking building and factory is extremely well-kept and requires zero fixes. Electrical, mechanical, plumbing, equipment, furniture, service and common areas are in excellent condition. This factory was designed and engineered for heavy-duty work and to require minimal maintenance.
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