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Coppersmith Barbet mating | by kampang
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Coppersmith Barbet mating

The male with a mouthful of berries awaiting approval from the female to start another round of mating session.

Every round required one berry, he had got about 3 rounds of intense pleasure before reloading.

In army terms, that's 3 rounds loaded :)

This ritual would goes on and on until the male either run out of steam, run out of berries or run away.

I'm not sure if anyone else does it with berries in the mouth :)

I don't do it for sure.....or maybe.....but not on a tree :))

@bt panjang, sg


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Coppersmith Barbet F-cking in broad daylight

All the while I was looking out for that ‘man thing’ to appear from behind the male bird but it was nowhere to be found. I was wondering how do they do it?

It goes like this…. The male does not possess a penis as most birds don’t

Instead both sexes possess a special organ known as a cloaca (part of the vent). When they get into position as seen above, their cloacas are pressed together and the sperm is transfer from the male to the female, in a fraction of a second !! This lightning fast action is called a cloacal kiss. The pair would repeat the process numerous times throughout the day for many days. I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy doing that, but for a bird it’s all about quantity and not quality

However the female will be awarded with a berry after each intense session.

When the male runs out of berries he would then quickly looks for more in preparation for the next round of excitement.

Most male birds do not have a penis with the exception of ducks and geese which possess a whopping penis length of 18 inches (that is even one inch longer than mine!!)

They need such scary length because ducks and geese do it over water. They can't simply rub cloacas as water will swallow their precious sperm.

The long length will ensure deep and fast delivery of its load inside the female reproductive organ. Ducklings guaranteed

Please bear in mind most animals do not make love for fun like we naughty humans do. They do it for the survival of their species and they are very serious about it. They are genetically programmed to carry out such task to ensure the continuation of its own kind and inadvertently providing fascination to humans, especially photographers like myself 😊


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Taken on May 11, 2013