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This is the back of my Star Trek Klingon patterned Science Fiction and Fantasy trophy cloak. (It also doubles as a Predator trophy cloak!)


This view shows the back and two side panels fully deployed.


All of the badges are either drawn in the computer, obtained on line or hand drawn and painted by me.


Here's the first part of the list of badges! The rest of the list is scattered throughout the individual pictures in this photoset.


If you've entered this photostream at any other point than the first picture you may wish to go to the first one in the set where a fuller description of the making of this garment can be found.



















The Abyss




-Deep Core Underwater Rig patch. Blue letters DEEP CORE II on yellow stripe below red bordered triangle with yellow star and black semi-circle on descending green, light blue, dark blue and light grey stripe




Action Man




-Orange and black letters AM on black and white roundel with grey and orange border.








-Cap badge. Stylized wolf's-head with black wings on light brown background with red letters AIRWOLF.








-Weylan-Yutani Bioweapons Division


-USCSS NOSTROMO 180286 United States Commercial Starship Nostromo. Planet, ringed planet, and star set in rainbow arc.




-BLACK letters WEYLAND YUTANI CORP around stylized black W








-Star Road US circle


-USCM Sulaco patch


-USCM Eagle patch


-Colonial Marines Arc


-Victory By Wings (Dropship crew)




Alien 3




-Weylan-Yutani Work Prison Fury Patch- Serenity Through Confinement




The American Astronaut




-”THE AMERICAN ASTRONAUT” white letters on black rectangle




Andromeda (Gene Roddenberry's)




-Stylized gold letter A








-Angel Investigations, stylized outline of angel on white background








-SPACE CENTER - ROUGHNECKS Space shuttle being launched with American flag in background.




The A-Team




-Yellow Letter A on red circle with side bars with black letters THE- TEAM




Ark II




-Ark II series logo. Yellow letters ARK II with blue globe on white stripe.








-Cartoon figure of Astroboy in flight




Austin Powers




-Dr Evil




The Avengers




-Stylized Black letter A with Mrs Peel superimposed upon silhouette of Steed's head.




Babylon Five-




-Star Fury pilot Squadron patch


-Independent B-5 patch


-Earthforce Command patch


-Security badge


-Earthforce pilot's wings


-Minbari triangle and sphere


-Earthforce Marines- GROPOS 356th Regiment (Ground Pounders) Leaf Green and khaki stenciled crocodile with knapsack, helmet and rifle on rectangular dark green background


-Psi Corps propaganda patch. Orange ;lettering PSI COPRS- The right choice for everyone with yellow Greek letter 'psi' on black rectangular background


-Earthforce Postal Service. Winged letter on black space oval with purple and mauve


encircling arrows and black and white letters EARTH FORCE POSTAL SERVICE


-Cerebrus Station. Blue shield with one red and two black hound silhouettes on blue shield with yellow and black borders. White letters CEREBRUS EF STATION and red letters CEFS-2350


-Babylon Five Strategic Forces


-Sigma Squadron- Bats Out Of Hell


-Gamma Wing-Copernicus base. Silhouette of Star Fury on grey background with yellow and red firey globe. Orange Greek 'Gamma' letter on yellow circle with black border. Black letters GAMMA WING, COPERNICUS BASE, LUNA EARTH FORCE


-Centauri Triangle with galaxy


-Centauri 'Crest'. Purple stylized ‘hair’ on grey semi-circular shield.


-Alexander Patch


-Dark Star Night Club. Orange DARKSTAR letters on black eye shaped background


-Nightwatch. Stylised yellow eye with yelow letters “Nightwatch” on black rectangle






-Zeta Squadron


-Edgar Industries “EI MARS PHOBOS DEIMOS” black and white letters on orange, yellow and black rectangle with black border


-Seal of the Earth Alliance. Earthforce insignia on blue radiating grid, orange circle with green leaves, blue border with white stars and “SEAL OF THE EARTH ALLIANCE” white letters.


-John Sheridan's Flying Tiger helmet patch. Winged Flying Tiger cartoon on grey and blue shapes. Based on WW 2 squadron artwork.


-Punch It' Helmet patch


-Unidentified helmet patch with B-5 number on it.


-unidentified B-5 or Crusade patch with sword on it.


-IPX Galaxy badge


-Achilles Patch


-Babylon One patch


-B2 patch. Red '2' combined with 'B' with yellow border.


-B3 Patch. Stylised orange 3


-B4 Patch. Stylised red ‘4’ with yellow ‘B’ on black diamond with yellow border


-Interstellar News Service logo. Grey letters ISN on blue oval.


-Charon Patch


-Vorlon patch


-Babylon Five wall logo. Yellow 5 on blue background




Back To The Future




-DeLorean licence plate. Red CALIFORNIA letters above Blue OUTATIME letters above red THE GOLDEN STATE letters on white licence plate.




Band Of Brothers




-BAND OF BROTHERS title over 101ST AIRBORNE screaming eagle shield.








-Barbarella badge. Orange letters BARBARELLA- REPUBLIC OF EARTH- ALFA 7-ALFIE on red bordered yellow circle around picture of Barbarella on blue roundel.




Battle Of The Planets




-G-Force. Stylised red G letters on white bordered angular yellow shield.




Battle Royale (Movie)




-Red letters BATTLE ROYALE BR SURVIVAL PROGRAM surrounded by red laurel wreath on black rectangle.




Battlestar Galactica (Original)




-Battlestar Pegasus insignia. White, winged sword on red heater shield.


-Colonial Warrior badge. Field of brown triangles on black roundel.








-Cartoon graphic of Samantha on broomstick.




The Bicentennial Man




-North American Robotics. Stylized Red N and blue A on red background above black letters ROBOTICS








-Bladerunner patch. Gold letters BLADERUNNER 26354 and black letters REP-DETECT on black shield with stylised eagle.


-GENETIC REPLICANTS -TYRELL- MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN Owlhead over stylised T on brown circle.




Blake's 7-




-Terran Federation Space Command








-”BLONDIE”red letters on black and white striped rectangle








Bolo series (Keith Laumer)




-Bolo Auxiliary badge inspired by series. Stylised Ned Kelly helmet on khaki shield with black letters UNIT NED-1880 OF THE LINE MK-XXXX all on yellow shield with red letters BOLO and black letters 1ST ARMOURED REGIMENT- DINOCHROME BRIGADE






Cluthu Mythos (H. P. Lovecraft)




-Black, silver and copper book with broken silver pentagram on cover set on purple background with black and gold borders. letters reads Miskatonic University- Arkham. A Small Sacrifice For Science




Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Douglas Adams)




Office Shingle. Black letters DIRK GENTLY’S HOLISTIC DETECTIVE AGENCY on gold bordered yellow rectangle.




(Honour Harrington Series)




-Royal Manticorian Space Navy




(Miles Vorkosigan Series)




-Dendarii Mercenaries. Black letters DENDARII FREE MERCENARIES- FORWARD MOMENTUM on white circle around blue, snowcapped mountains with night sky on roundel.


-Barayarran Imperial Security. Red Egyptian style eye on black shield with red border and red letters BARRYAYARAN IMPERIAL SECURITY


-Dendarii Mercenary Shuttle Maintenance Crew. White letters Dendarii Mercenaries on red rectangle above red letters SHUTTLE MAINTENANCE CREW on white lower rectangle.






(Harry Potter Series)






(Never Tickle A Sleeping Dragon) black letters on yellow scroll with 4 house flags on yellow shield with stylised “H”. All on purple shield.




(Hugo Gernsback)




-Gernsback Magazine badge. Brown letterring A GERNSBACK PUBLICATION on buff plaque on brown shield above stylised hand holding torch with red lightning bolts.




(Sano Ichiro Historical Japanese Detective series.)




- Stylised open white fan with black roundel on it on black rectangle




(Perry Rhodan)




-Book series masthead. Portrait of Perry Rhodan above blue letters Perry Rhodan on blue stripe.




(Doc Smith. Galactic Patrol.)




- Teardropped shaped spaceship on warped starfield surrounded by black letters GALACTIC PATROL BRITANNIA on yellow circle








-Central Services




Buckaroo Banzai-




-Team Banzai stripe


-Team Banzai on circle with exhaust trail


-Banzai Institute


-Red and white BB


-Black on yellow BB


-YoYodyne Propulsion Systems


-Blue Blaze Irregulars badged. Stylised silver winged Bs facing each other.




Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040




-A.D Police shield. Stylised red letters A D- POLICE and blue V (Voomer) on yellow squared off shield with blue border.




Buck Rogers In The 25th Century-




-Television series- Earth squadron patch




-Radio show premium- “BUCK ROGERS” white letters and “SATELLITE PIONEERS” black letters on white bordered red circle with grey satellite station and white stars




Buffy The Vampire Slayer




-The Initiative-Fort Sunnydale-Anti-H.S.T Fireteam Alpha The Initiative Patch. U.S Army black stencilled five pointed star outlined u\in white so it resembles a Pentagram, with universal NO red circle and diagonal bar.


Sunnydale Razorbacks Basketball Team. Stylised brown razorback pig head on brown circle with purple border and black letters SUNNYDALE RAZORBACKS.


-Joyce Summer’s Mothers opposing the occult badge. White letters MOO above MOTHERS OPPOSING THE OCCULT on red roundel


-SUNNYDALE RAZORBACKS 2. Yellow letters SUNNYDALE H.S RAZORBACKS surrounding charging yellow Razorback on maroon roundel.


-The Bronze nightclub logo. Bronze letters BRONZE on black stripe


-Doublemeat Palace Sunnydale. Yellow stylised cow head and white DOUBLEMEAT IS DOUBLESWEET letters on red oval. Orange letters DOUBLEMEAT PALACE DMP SUNNYDALE on blue rectangle.


-Buffy Summers Doublemeat Palace Trainee badge. White letters BUFFY SUMMERS TRAINEE on blue stripe with yellow border


-Buffy Sunnydale High Counselor nametag. White letters COUNSELOR on grey stripe above black letters Buffy Summers on white stripe, both on black bordered rectangle.


-Sunnydale Rockets patch. Yellow letters SUNNYDALE ROCKETS surrounding yellow rocket lifting off on blue square.




Captain Scarlet




Spectrum badge. Stylised Grey S on concentric rainbow of circles.


-United World Government logo. Gold letters UNITED WORLD GOVERNMENT surrounding gold winged globe and star on brown roundel..








-Radio Station KZAK. Black letters KZAK on white rectangle.








-Cheers bar sign. Stylised script white letters Cheers, above brown letters EST. 1895, above stylised hand pointing to bar on light pink, brown bordered plaque.




Chicken Run




Rocky the Chicken above yellow stripe with I'm A Lone Free Ranger letters.




Chinese Space Programme




-White letters SHEN ZOU and Chinese characters with stylised astronaut at end of red S trail coming from blue planet on curved edged black triangle with starscape.








(2000 AD)




Judge Dredd


Psi-Division Psi Gold judges shield.


The Corps (Space Judges). Red letters THE CORPS on black shield with black Jidge eagle, six white stars and yellow lightning flash.


Mega City 1 Judge helmet shield


Sov-Judge arm brassard


ABC Warrior. Yellow ABC letters on purple semi-circle above three blacks stars on yellow stripe.


Strontium Dog. Black SD initials on red shield with lime green border


Rogue Trooper


TAX Button from Ro-busters' Hammerstein




(Gold Key)




Magnus Robot Fighter belt buckle








-The Fantastic Four- Light blue '4' on white circle with dark blue and white border on square of mid blue.


-(New film) Von Doom Industries. Green letters VON DOOM on inverted triangular border above white INDUSTRIES letters on black inverted triangle with white mechanical mask shape.


The Eternals-Ikaris


-Daredevil. Interlinked red DD outlined in black on red square.


-Deathlok. Stylised Deathlok cyborg head over red gunsight.


-Damage Control Bulldog mascot. Orange circle with red letters DAMAGE and blue letters CONTROL around white roundel with stylised bulldog head in shades of brown.


Avengers. Black letter A on yellow circle on green rectangle with blue letters AVENGERS. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.


-SHIELD badge. Black letters SHIELD on red, white and blue shield with white stars, yellow eagle and crossed gun and dagger all on orange circle.


Spiderman. Stylised red and black Spiderman face mask.


-HYDRA Badge. Stylised electric blue skull headed octopus on red circle.


Kree Captain (Green Ringed Planet)


-Classic X-Men buckle. Black X on yellow roundel


-Iron Man-Under Construction. Gears, cogs and Iron Man helmet in red and yellow on white circle with black and red border with diagonal yellow stripe with black letters UNDER CONSTRUCTION.


Captain America (Shield)


Ghostrider (Flaming skull). Flaming orange skull on black circle.


The Punisher- stylised white skull.


Howard The Duck- Get Down America! Vote Howard The Duck In '76. Howard the Duck with cigar on yellow roundel with yellow letters GET DOWN AMERICA ! VOTE HOWARD THE DUCK IN ‘76 on red circle.


U.S War Machine. Stylised half machine/half skull head on grey shield with bannered legends, U.S. WAR MACHINE- RELENTLESS- INVINCIBLE


Galactus. Full length coloured graphic of Galactus on rectangular starfield.


Stark Enterprises patch. Large SE initials on black rectangle.








Lexcorp stripe-Superman. Blue L and black letters EXCORP on green irregular rectangle with red border.


OMAC-One Man Army Corps. Black letters ONE MAN ARMY CORPS- GLOBAL PEACE AGENCY pn blue rectangle with ed letters O.M.A.C on stylised yellow eye.


-Green Lantern Corps. Green Guardian Corps power battery on white circle with black border


-Green Lantern Corps II. Stylised black and green Guardian Coprs power battery.


The Flash




Batman (Versus Predator) Bat log with three laser designator dots grouped in centre.


Justice League of America (JLA). White letters JLA on gold plaque.


-Batman Begins-Stylised bat


-Batman. Gotham Police badge. Yellow and black letters GOTHAM CITY POLICE DEPT. on black arcs on stylised blue skyscrapers with yellow searchlights on black kite shield


-Penguin For Mayor campaign button. Red and white letters MAYOR below stylised portrait of the Penguin.


Wonder Woman


Superman. Stylised red 'S' on yellow shield with black border.


Blackhawk. Stylised Black Hawk on white circle




(Dark Horse)




Colonial Marines-Series featuring Marines Versus Aliens. White star with black letters USCM and black anchor on purple circle.


-Ryushi-Chigusa Prosperity Wells Colony-Aliens Versus Predator 1. Black letters RYUSHI PROSPERITY WELLS and blue letters CHIGUSA on blue stripes surrounding Yellow rising sun on orange plaque.


“CHIGUSA” blue letters, “RYUSHI” red letters on orange circle. Brown Rhynth beast on yellow circle with sun and red planet


Broken Tusk Predator Insignia-Aliens Versus Predator 1. Orange lightning flash on light blue circle with yellow border.


Aliens-Xenogenesis Flattened skull with bones and antenna in khaki circle on red/blue rectangle.








Belt Buckle. Stylised white skull on inverted red triangle with black diagonal stripes.








Junior Woodchucks Of The World badge. Black letters JUNIOR WOODCHUCKS OF THE WORLD on yellow circle around stylised yellow JWW on black diamond on green roundel.








Dan Dare




-Dan Dare Cap Badge Upright finned rocketship flanked with two stars on black, red and yellow concentric circles with layrel leaves on outer circle.




Ministry Of Space




-Ministry Of Space comic. Ministry Of Space British arrowhead. Red arrowhead with red and white roundel.


-MOS Britannia patch. Lion and Unicorn flanking red and black rocket on light blue circle with black letters BRITANNIA.


-MOS Rocket and Crown c 1960. Upright finned rocket in red and blue. Crown and gate heraldic shield on blue circle at intersection of fins.




Neil Gaimen’s Sandman




-Neil Gaimen's Sandman- Death. Head portrait on black oval background over white letters DEATH




Felix the Cat- Cat caricature head.


Usagi Yojimba- Mon of Miyamoto Usagi. Three dots in white circle


Usagi Yojimba-Mon of Tomoe Ame. Three small dots plus large one (like paw print) in white circle.


T-ank Girl. Black letters on grey border TANK GIRRRRRRL !! SOD OFF! on white border around portrait of Tank Girl flipping two fingers on black roundel.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-Leonardo posed on black rectangle with yellow, black and red borders. Red TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA letters above green TURTLE letters. Stylised turtle with Ying/Yang symbol on shell.


-Doc Savage. Black letters HILDAGO TRADING COMPANY on black bordered white rectangle


-Herge’s Adventures Of Tintin. Lunar mission patch. Black letters TINTIN-SNOWY-CALCULUS-THOMPSONS-HADDOCK on square yellow border around black square with rocket landing on moon and white letters X-FLR-6.




Conan The Barbarian




-Thulsa Doom’s Snake Cult infantry shield. Stylised white two headed snake on red circular shield with white sun.








-IMC shoulder badge


-White stylised human figure (ala Da Vinci) surrounded by white elipses on blue roundel with white and black borders.








Gideon stripe. Yellow letters GIDEON on black stripe.


Excalibur shield patch


Excalibur Or Perish In The Dark Patch



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