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ear to ear | by girlhula
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ear to ear

thank you, melissa. I know it took me like, seven years to get around to doing it but whatevs. six that are smile worthy:


1. sushi bar conveyor belts and video cameras. I cannot stop watching this. I am in love with it and would like to marry it.


2. husbands who find things you thought you lost forever.


so ward gave me the most fantastic ring for my birthday which of course, I promptly lost. because somehow, I am able to hold onto every last cheap, crappy ring I own but the minute I receive a gorgeous handcrafted piece that feels as if it was designed especially for me, I lose it. I lost my first engagement ring too. yes ma'am, I certainly did but that's another story. but then, over a belated valentines dinner last week, ward said hey, lookie here and there, in the palm of his sweet hand, sat said lost ring. and the heavens parted and the angels rejoiced, I swear it. he'd found it in the trunk of the car a few days back and decided to save it and surprise me with it at dinner. I have not taken it off, not even once because honestly, I'm just trying to enjoy this ring before it inevitably slips off my finger and falls prey to the curse of andrea, the girl who cannot hold onto pretty rings. I figure I have a couple of weeks. a month, tops.


3. pink balloons that don't die.


there's a pink balloon in my room and it will not die. not that I want it to die, but it's been two weeks and shouldn't it be dead by now? shouldn't it be somewhere near the floor? dull, sad and semi-deflated? instead, it continues to hover shyly over my side of the bed and let me tell you, it's as buoyant as ever. I've taken to calling her pinkie. and I'm rooting for her to make it. I really am.


4. collaborations with siblings.


I'm collaborating with my brother this week. this is big news, this is great news. but also, this particular collaboration requires me to get on a plane and fly someplace warm, someplace near the ocean. I leave in about 24 hours and I'm still not really believing it.


5. ezra's word for tights: sockpants.


6. orange ranunculus. omg, orange ranunculus, I love you.


christina, I'm tagging you. your world is filled with all kinds of smileyness. I just know it. so spill it, sister.

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Taken on February 20, 2009