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My fairground crane archive of dotcom memorabilia covering the business cards and giveaways from the Dotcom boom.


Title:DotCom Challenger, 2002, 34x30x70. Price $4.7 Trillion o.n.o. (the Kerry Bush difference?)


The Dotcom craze wasn’t just a corporate history it was a personal history for many of us. What we were doing then now represents a historical moment in time, which will now never be repeated. I wanted to try to capture my personal experience of this, and it is amazing how dated and evocative this material already seems. The claw represents that element of the smash and grab culture, how far luck - and timing - determined success and left some people millionaires while others are still seeking to return to how they were before. Time - at least business time - was accelerated. And things could happen. It was a fairground attraction, with the media being attracted to the glamour and the bright lights of those involved in the internet. There is a glamour in the idea of getting something for nothing.


The installation captures conference giveaways, magazines, 500 hours of flight tickets, business cards from members of the internet paparazzi, a mixture of success, hope and disappointment. It is amazing how some of these have become historical so quickly, and become iconic. Like the single Boo shoe , stuffed with $50m of dotcom monopoly money, which is so ephemeral yet solidly evocative of that moment in time. It carries with it an incredible story about the rise and fall of the dotcom era in Europe , the ambitions and fleeting nature of the trends that overtook a generation of people.


There is no doubt that ’dotcom’ was a virus, but it was also an inoculation against the inevitability that the future is technology and the breakdown of established modes that will arise from it. The premature celebration of its fruits and the painful economic recovery and transition this decade are only a glimpse of the global revolution that has now been unleashed on this century .

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Taken on November 27, 2004