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Abraham's Pool | by RIch-ART In PIXELS
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Abraham's Pool

Balıklıgöl (Lake with Fish) is the sacred Abraham's Pool in Urfa.


According to the Bible, Abraham's legitimate but younger son Isaac was the ancestor of the Jews, while his older illegitimate son Ishmael (born from Abraham's concubine Hagar) gave birth to the tribes of the Arabian Desert after being abandoned with his mother beside the holy spring of Zamzam in Mecca. The Koran expands the biblical story of Abraham by telling how Nemrut (Nimrod), the Assyrian King, is warned by the stargazers that a child has been born who will grow up to challenge his rule and break the idols in the temple.Parallels with Herod and Jesus are clear. Born in a local cave, Abraham indeed grows up to do exactly that, and is thrown on a funeral pyre by an angry Nimrod. To save him God created a lake which put out the fire, and the burning coals became fish. The Koran has a verse: 'O Fire, be cool and peaceful towards Abraham.' Abraham, whose name means 'Father of a great multitude', is revered not only by Jews and Christians but by Muslims too, and this events is always portrayed as a clash between good (Abraham) and evil (Nimrod).


Thanks to his rejection of idol-worship, Abraham is seen by all three religions as the first monotheïst and the forfather of all the prophets. His message is seen as identical with Islam (unlike the Christians, who Muslims feel continue to worship images such as statues of the Virgin Mary and other saints), and his epithet Khalil ar-Rahman (Turkish: Halilürrahman) means 'Friend of the Merciful One.' About half of Urfa's male inhabitants are called either Ibrahim or Halil as a result. Abraham is thus considered to have been the first Muslim.


Sanliurfa, Eastern Turkey

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Taken on June 30, 2014