Doc's Memorial Service
On July 23rd, 2014, I was given the sad news that, the one and only, Dr. Stoddard–the American Patriot and Legendary SDSU Professor of Politics–had passed away. Doc Stoddard, who had died of an aggressive cancer, lived an extraordinary life.

He has served as a Consultant to the Presidents of the United States (Richard Nixon and Gerald R. Ford) on Soviet Military and Foreign Affairs, and has taught Politics and Geopolitics on-board the USS Eisenhower in the Persian Gulf (2000) and at distinguished universities such as UCLA, Claremont Graduate School, Pomona College, Oxford University, and, of course, San Diego State University.

I had the pleasure of knowing the “Doc” through his Oxford Study Abroad Program back in December of 2011. And through his program I got to learn and appreciate International Relations and US Foreign Policy. However, what I will always remember, from his program, is his prowess for teaching and how that has impacted the lives of students everywhere including myself. His program was the first stepping stone towards my career in politics.

Thank you Jasmine for convincing me to come to Oxford and thank you Doc for introducing me to your view of Politics–but also showing me the beauty of pubs and how lasting friendships and conversations are made over of a beer and a plate of fish and chips. Cheers Doc! Raising a glass to your name and legacy!
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