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Engtoften 28-30-32 - DSC_1507_8_9_Fusion-Natural | by Lav Ulv
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Engtoften 28-30-32 - DSC_1507_8_9_Fusion-Natural

Engtoften 28-30-32. One of Viby's biggest industrial adventures happened here, in the factory complex of Weston Tæppefabrik. Weston made rubber-backed carpets and had so much success doing so, that the factory was constantly expanding, right from the start in 1956. By 1964 all vacant building lots had been purchased, but the growth was still immense, so the only option was to move out and start building a new and bigger factory. Production gradually moved to the new facilities in Hørning, as they were being completed, and in 1974 the move was completed.


In the years that followed, the former factory and offices were used by a vast number of companies and associations: postal office, sports clubs, schools, beer depot, furniture removal, disabilty aids distribution, event rooms and so on. But one by one they moved out and by 2014 the old factory was almost completely deserted and vandals moved in, causing a rapid increase in the decay.


In 2015 the factory, as well as neigboring Engtoften 24 and Chr. X's Vej 105, was demolished to make room for a big apartment complex, named Christian X's Have. The whole process has been extensively documented with thousands of photos and videoclips, starting with visits inside the doomed buildings before demolition, and right up to completion of the new complex.


This photo shows the driveway at the western end of the complex (which was also the newest), facing Engtoften.


From a registrant photowalk series made for the local historical society. The purpose of these walks is not to take photos of individual buildings, but rather to document the streets as a whole in order to preserve the views for future generations.


Some houses will inevitably be obscured behind fences and hedges. In such cases, there will be a photo of the hedge or fence in question. The photo will, of course, be rubbish, but it will accurately show the best possible view from a public road. Over the years, fences and hedges will come and go (as will the houses), sometimes improving the views, other times, the opposite.


I've made every attempt to blur visible names, faces and license plates, in order to respect people's privacy.

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Taken on February 12, 2014