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Vibyhøjvej 2 (fra Enghavevej) - DSC_1880_1_2_Enhancer | by Lav Ulv
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Vibyhøjvej 2 (fra Enghavevej) - DSC_1880_1_2_Enhancer

Vibyhøjvej 2, built in the year 1900. For many years this majestic house, named "Vibyhøj", was the home of FDB director Charles Larsen.


Vibyhøj means Vibyhill, and it's easy to understand the origin of that name, since it's one of the highest points of the whole area. From his house, the director had an excellent view over his company... as well as large parts of Aarhus. From the entrance side, the house looks like a normal big villa, but from the back it is truly awe-inspiring, located right on the edge of the hill with a steep drop down towards Holme Ringvej.


Viewed here from Enghavevej, far below.


From a registrant photowalk series made for the local historical society. The purpose of these walks is not to take photos of individual buildings, but rather to document the streets as a whole in order to preserve the views for future generations.


Some houses will inevitably be obscured behind fences and hedges. In such cases, there will be a photo of the hedge or fence in question. The photo will, of course, be rubbish, but it will accurately show the best possible view from a public road. Over the years, fences and hedges will come and go (as will the houses), sometimes improving the views, other times, the opposite. Also, in some cases, there's a choice between a (reasonably) unobstructed view, but poor lighting conditions, or a severely obstructed view, but better lighting.


I respect people's privacy and generally use the following guidelines...

I blur: license plates of private vehicles parked by private (1- or 2-family) homes, legible names on mailboxes, recognizable faces in fore- or middleground of a photo. I do NOT blur: license plates of commercial vehicles, license plates of private vehicles in traffic (unless in very prominent position), license plates of parked private vehicles by apartment buildings and shops, faces in the background of a photo. For the same reasons, some photos will be downloadable, others not... download (generally) enabled for: public buildings, generic views (streets, nature, events etc.), apartment buildings. Download disabled for: private homes (1- or 2-family), photos of special importance to me.

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Taken on February 17, 2014