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Irisvej 15 (væltet træ ved nordvestlige hjørne) - DSC_4962_3_4_Balancer | by Lav Ulv
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Irisvej 15 (væltet træ ved nordvestlige hjørne) - DSC_4962_3_4_Balancer

Irisvej 15 (built in 1909), 8260 Viby J.


Fallen tree at northwestern corner.


The majestic villa on Irisvej 15 was built in 1909 and once the pride of the Rosenvænget district. Built in an era when craftsmanship and attention to detail was essential to many house builders... and Irisvej 15 was full of it!


In recent years it had been inhabited and owned by an elderly lady, not able to take care of the overwhelming maintenanance tasks, so the house gradually deteriorated, along with the lady's health.


She passed away in late 2012 and the following year, the house was put up for sale. Many potential buyers turned up, often with plans of restoring the house back to its former glory... but one by one they had to realize, that the task was well beyond their means - after years of neglect, it was beyond repair without spending a huge amount of money.


In late 2013, the house was finally sold and permission for demolition was requested. Because it was under heritage protection, getting permission was a complicated process. In march 2014 I came by on a photo excursion, thinking that the house would soon be gone. By lucky coincidence I met one of the "caretakers" of the property and was granted permission to enter the garden and take some photos to help preserve the memory of the house for posterity. To this date, some of the photos taken on that day remain among my most treasured photo-moments. Despite the obvious decay, there was so much beauty, dignity and love for even the tiniest of details and I walked away with approximately 40 photos.


The demolition was delayed several times, but in july 2015 it was finally initiated.


To this day, I'm still saddened by the loss, but regrettably we, as society, are often unable to preserve our treasures of the past for financial reasons. The question is: how do we prevent such losses? The house was a private property and needed to be sold, but no buyers with the will and/or means to restore stepped up, so what should have happened?


Irisvej is part of the Rosenvænget-district, one of the oldest areas of Viby. Like many streets in this district, it is extremely narrow and not really suited for modern traffic at all.


In recent years, some of the original houses have either been demolished and replaced with new ones, or heavily modernized.


From a registrant photowalk series made for the local historical society. The purpose of these walks is not to take photos of individual buildings, but rather to document the streets as a whole in order to preserve the views for future generations.


Some houses will inevitably be obscured behind fences and hedges. In such cases, there will be a photo of the hedge or fence in question. The photo will, of course, be rubbish, but it will accurately show the best possible view from a public road. Over the years, fences and hedges will come and go (as will the houses), sometimes improving the views, other times, the opposite. Also, in some cases, there's a choice between a (reasonably) unobstructed view, but poor lighting conditions, or a severely obstructed view, but better lighting.


I respect people's privacy and generally use the following guidelines...

I blur: license plates of private vehicles parked by private (1- or 2-family) homes, legible names on mailboxes, recognizable faces in fore- or middleground of a photo. I do NOT blur: license plates of commercial vehicles, license plates of private vehicles in traffic (unless in very prominent position), license plates of parked private vehicles by apartment buildings and shops, faces in the background of a photo. For the same reasons, some photos will be downloadable, others not... download (generally) enabled for: public buildings, generic views (streets, nature, events etc.), apartment buildings. Download disabled for: private homes (1- or 2-family), photos of special importance to me.

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Taken on March 24, 2014