The Post-It Notes Jaguar (the original photos!)
What we did to Walt's Jaguar in the parking garage on Friday (not that I was there or anything...).

UPDATE 1 (2006): I am amazed at how these photos have taken off, with hundreds of thousands of visitors to this page. They have been blogged all over the world and were featured as the Yahoo! Pick of the Day and on ABC World News. Read the story or View the ABC News Video.

UPDATE 2 (2008): After all the completely free publicity we generated for the folks from 3M Post-Its, they contacted me asking if they could use these photos on their Post It Notes back-to-school store merchandising this summer. When I asked what their budget was, they wrote back and said they didn't want to pay to use the photos. Instead, they copied what we'd done, took their own photos, and used them to create a national marketing campaign. So if you saw this in a store, you saw a copy created by 3M.

UPDATE 3 (2008): Oh my, it doesn't die. Links to some sites discussing 3M's marketing misstep are at the bottom of the page (Including Popular Photography and The Consumerist). Now as a marketer, I'm sort of feeling sorry for those guys. Lesson learned. Don't mess with social media unless you know what you're doing.

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