Melted Magsafe
My macbook pro gets hot. I hear others do too.
However when plugged in on my desk, the power kept cutting out. Thinking the plug wasn't in right, I twiddled with it at both ends. When I touched the magsafe it was absurdly hot, I couldn't touch it for longer than a second. I hadn't seen the melting as that was out of view. I twiddled it and it came back to life.
A little while later it cut out again, so I investigated further and pulled out the magsafe, to find a kind of tear where the shielding had got too hot and melted.

The word from the Apple Store in Regent Street is they won't replace event he adapter (I'm concerened about my macbook pro, as I think that's where the heat to do this came from) it without an engineer ('genius') looking at it to say that it wasn't me holding a lighter under it or something. But of course all the engineers were booked up for the day, as they always are unless you book at 8 in the morning.
If my girlfriend didn't have a macbook to borrow the adapter from, I would be unable to work 'til it was sorted.
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