Klugephrase v1.0
Klugephrase is a handheld word-guessing game that is easily updated through USB. I designed, constructed, and programmed it after my wife and I bought Electronic Catchphrase and became familiar with all their words.

You turn it on, and it shows a list of categories. you pick a category, and it shows you a word from that category. It ticks periodically, signifying a time limit. You can go forward and back through words, and you can mark words as completed. The buzzing gets faster, and the pace quickens. *BUZZ*! Your round is over. Your completed word score is shown.

It uses an Atmega168 for the core, and it is Arduino compatible. It can be reprogrammed and it has a telnet and Python front end for easily adding new words though USB.

For more details, see feelslikeburning.com/klugephrase
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