APEC Protest Sydney
Sydney, Australia 08.09.07

Stop Bush, Make Howard
rally occurred in the Sydney CBD on the 8th of September 2007, coinciding
with the APEC summit. Between five to ten thousand citizens were estimated in
attendance. The sheer scope of the security arrangements gave the impression that
one was attending an arms fair or similar display of state tactical might rather
than a political rally. Despite the many millions of dollars spent on security
arrangements and the overwhelming presence of police, the most revealing occurrence
that took place during the week was a simple prank by the chaser
team. On the 6th September a mock motorcade (under the guise of the Canadian contingent)
was established that subsequently got waved through several security check points
within the fence
to arrive near President Bush's hotel. The absurdity of this incident is exemplified
in a statement
from the Police Minister David Campbell after the arrest of the 11 individuals
involved. "I think this reinforces that APEC security has been successful
by the mere fact that 11 people have been arrested". Out of all outcomes,
to claim success in arresting a group of passive comedians is nearly as comedic as the incident itself! If they were in fact motivated terrorist with three car bombs filled with high
explosives... ��
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