The United Artists Windows
Beginning in 2002, some unknown person or persons began spray painting Mayan symbols and other seemingly random motifs onto the windows of the abandoned United Artists Building. By 2005, nearly every single window in the building was covered. Someone then came along and painted the remaining unpainted windows blue, finishing the work. In December 2005 the Ilitch family (which owns the building) hired people to scrape the lower windows clear of paint to make the building look somewhat presentable for the Super Bowl. At this point it remains unclear as to whether they intend to finish scraping the windows, or even what the family’s plans for the building are.

Knowing that the United Artists Building could very well be demolished and that the paintings would not be around forever, I took several days in 2005 to document the windows. The original intent was to photograph every single one, but it quickly became clear how impossible that would be. Given that my time frame was limited, I chose to go after some of the better examples. In all I took more than 500 photos of the windows in the building, some of which you see here.
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