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2008 Castle In The Clouds Playhouse #811 Charli | by A Thousand Splendid Dolls
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2008 Castle In The Clouds Playhouse #811 Charli

Box Date: None

Approximate Release Date: 2008

Condition Purchased: Used

Collector Series #: 811

Dolls in Line: Charlie #811; Roxxi #813; Krysta #317

Body Type: No date

Head Mold: No date

Important Notes: This set was also packaged under the 4-Ever Lil' Angelz branding.


Personal Fun Fact: I was hoping that my memory was correct when I recalled that Charli was sold with the Castle in the Clouds Playhouse. We stumbled upon this playset and a hoard of 24 Lil' Angelz dolls at the local flea market in July of 2020. What initially drew me to the table was the boxed Cubbies Roxxi. But behind her was the playhouse, with a few dolls included. I wasn't 100% certain if Charli was the doll sold with the house, since I rarely see Lil' Angelz in person. My knowledge of these dolls is purely based on hours upon hours of online research while constructing myself a guide. Luckily, Colleen and I made the wise executive decision to purchase all the seller's Lil' Angelz dolls that day. I don't believe that Charli was one of the dolls in the playhouse, but rather was floating around the container with the others. If we'd just purchased the playset or the container, the set would have gotten split up. Although the seller was at the flea market the following weekend, he may have sold whatever we didn't buy, had we chosen differently. Charli is without a doubt one of my favorites from the "Lil' Angelz Palooza." Firstly, just look at her--how could you not fall in love with her icy blue eyes, sweet little mole, and curly brown hair?!!! Second of all, I've become extremely fond of Charli as a Bratz character over the past few years. My lone Charli doll is a butchered Pampered Pups gal. Her hair was cut into an asymmetrical bob by her previous owner. But she somehow rocked the hairdo, which is why she was never used as a body donor. In later years, she starred as my sister in our doll skits, wearing #SelfieSnaps Cloe's glasses. So now, looking at this Lil' Angelz Charli, I can't help but think of Colleen!

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Taken on July 7, 2020