Red Arrows
June 9th 2007

A display by the RAF Red Arrows for the Isle of Wight Festival. Didn't know they were going to do this and spotted them whilst driving home so just pulled over and snapped away. I'm not very good with moving objects so was quite pleased not to have a load of nothing but sky. Not very sharp but I think the ones with the rooftops in them look quite 'immediate'.

June 13th 2009

A much greyer day, but at least the sky was varied for most of the display. I had just got home from work when they started so I dashed indoors for my camera and shot from the middle of Coppins Bridge roundabout, in amongst all the smelly traffic. Got quite a few with just sky again, but also quite a few I was pleased with - even though none of them are particularly sharp. I don't mind, this isn't really my kind of photography, I just love the Red Arrows. Again I was struck by the oddness of seeing them so close to everyday scenes such as the dual carriageway.
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