DIY BabyLegs
Follow the images in order, one by one, to get detailed instructions on how to make the "Faux" babylegs. These instructions are purely for personal use and are not intended for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a pair of babylegs, I suggest going straight to the source and buying your pair from

Fall 2009 Edit
I wanted to add that it's been over three years since I first posted this tutorial. I originally took the pictures to help a couple friends visually walk through the process of making their own baby legs. I love that so many people have been able to use this tutorial in making their own pair. I know that sometimes the instructions appear disjointed and may appear complicated, but if you take the time to read the notes and follow the comments you'll find that it's really such a simple process.

One of the other neat things is that, at this point, there are lots of better assembled picture tutorials available online. I think a quick google will pull up more than a couple. :) Feel free to find the instructions that are easiest for you to use.
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