Short C-23 Sherpa
This Short C-23 Sherpa is an Army surplus cargo plane that has been converted for use by the US Forest Service as a “smoke jumper” plane - firefighters jump out of a perfectly good airplane into a burning forest! I built this model as a commissioned kit for one of the USFS pilots, including instructions.

If you'd like to purchase a kit of this airplane, or of the Army version (in grey), please contact me.

The propellers are 3-D printed, since LEGO doesn't make a 5-bladed prop, and the USFS lettering and logo was made for me by a friend, printed directly onto LEGO bricks.

On June 29, 2017 I was able to go visit the Sherpa at the USFS base at the airport in Redding, CA. I was given a tour of the base and the chance to take detailed photos of the planes. The highlights of those photos are also included here.

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