Diamond Creek
February 19th 2021

Having driven along Aquaduct Rd for years, I realised I'd never walked it. So I picked a nice day, packed some kit and off I went. It was worth it.

December 17th, 2020

Inbetween Diamond Creek and Research is a road that crosses the aquaduct. So I found a spot to take some photos. Not an easy task as the road is narrow, double whites and with nowhere to park. I found a small dirt driveway, backed up and took these photos.
Where I used to live
Shot taken looks towards Kinglake and Bowden Spur.

Taken 2008JAN09 looking towards Diamond Creek (Melbourne). Took the shots because they pretty much look the same as I remember when I lived there. The road down the hill leads to Main St.

You can't see the township because it's slightly to the right and hidden by the hills.
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