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100 Things to see at the fair #19: Krystal Square-off Controversy | by (aka Brent)
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100 Things to see at the fair #19: Krystal Square-off Controversy

I had a unique opportunity to spend several days at the 2008 Tennessee State Fair. There was so much to see, it will take 100 images to get it all in.


One of the biggest events at the fair was a qualifying round of Major League Eating's biggest prize, the Krystal Square Off. Seen here is competitive eater, the diminutive Juliet Lee, and her controversial eating style.


The following are excerpts from the Official Krystal Square Off website's blog:



In a contest marked by controversy and the hottest and most humid conditions seen on the tour so far, Lee’s victory had some calling foul due to excessive debris during the eight-minute regulation period. After a lengthy conference with judges, Major League Eating made the decision to hold a three person eat-off, the first ever in Krystal Square Off history.


Explaining its decision, reports:


"Juliet Lee maintained a five second dunk throughout regulation but pre-chewed so aggressively the judges had difficulty determining her final count. Many fans and eaters alike questioned the outcome. Judges determined that the eat off should occur.


"Major League Eating has announced it will hold an an impromptu conference call this evening to consider the adoption of a new rule to eliminate confusion in future contests."


Yesterday’s Nashville Krystal Square Off V Qualifier, and the controversy surrounding excessive debris from several eaters, including the winner Juliet Lee, has led to the creation of a new rule by Major League Eating that will allow judges to disqualify competitors for “messy eating” during a contest after an initial warning is given.


As detailed at


"Major League Eating announces today the creation of a new rule called the Mustard Yellow Card. The rule allows league officials and judges to formally caution a competitor if the official or judge feels said competitor is eating in a fashion that is so messy it impedes the ability to determine the amount of food consumed.


"After one caution is given the judge has the right to disqualify the warned competitor if the competitor has not satisfactorily corrected his or her eating style.


"While no formal definition need be given, messy eating can include food and debris on a competitor and in a competitor’s eating area and cups."


You can read the entire blog HERE, and then HERE.


Hello to anyone who found this photo on

The comments on the blog post there has quite a discussion from competitive eating enthusiests of Juliet Lee's eating (or lack thereof) style.


Hello to anyone who found this photo on



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Taken on September 13, 2008