March in Paros
"When I started this in August, I tried to live it out loud. To write about everything that was happening, good and bad. It was a lot of good, mostly, at the beginning - exciting new experiences, new places, wonderful new friends.

I wrote about my mother’s illness in November, and have written since about some of the worst of what I have seen since being back in California - and very little of the good, which is abundant, and daily, and wonderful to have. Mom and I spent an afternoon watercoloring, and talking about our travels in Italy - she was married there two years ago. This morning, we sat with my cousin Tabitha and talked about travel and family, and they tasted some communion wine Maria-Elena gave me from Greece. I leave to go back to school in four days, and I am hesitant and worried and excited about what lies ahead."

From "The Next Term"
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