Long Day Trip to Murudeshwara
We left at 8am. Er, nope, 10am -- because at 8am the Delhi boys ("donkeys") were busy chewing their toothbrushes.

Then, baths.

Then, breakfast.

Then, off we go. Oh, a little stop at the mosque for one of the drivers, because it's Friday. The others wait for us one hour at the beach, lucky chaps.

Lunch? Oh no, we're late, between not leaving on time and the mosque-stop, so we'll skip lunch.

(After threatening certain people with bodily harm I did get an idly stop. Thankfully, as you'll see in a bit.)

We were driving about 350km to see the Jog Falls (highest waterfalls in India or something).

So, after 3-4 hours of driving, not eating, mosque stops, we stop to ask our way for the second or third time (normal thing to do).

Oh, by the way: the falls are dry right now. You know, dry winter season and the monsoon was light.

This is where it was a very good thing that I had a couple of idlys in my tummy.

We backtracked to go and visit Murudeshwara. Temple on the beach with a huge Shiva statue. The beach was quite a sight, as you can see! Too bad I wasn't wearing "swim-in-your-clothes" compatible clothing.

After the sunset, we set off for the 4+ hour journey to Karivellur (did I mention we had all our luggage in the cars?).

"When are we having dinner?"

Dig into emergency rations.

"When are we having dinner?"

"I'm really hungry, can we stop for dinner?"

"OK, this is starting to be critical, will you please stop at the next restaurant?"

"Really, I don't understand why we keep driving past restaurants and not stopping. What's going on? Yes, I really need to eat. I have been needing to eat very badly for over an hour. Can we please stop?"

We finally did stop. Then I swapped cars. We reached Karivellur at 1.30am.

The end of the story involves banging on a door to wake up everyone in the house, and frogs in the kitchen. Oh, and a midnight bath.

UPDATE: for all you facebook-loving people out there, for the first time ever, this set is also available there! www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150663916490011.44766...
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