ONWR monarch roosts 9-10-18
I made it out to Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge today. It was still rainy and a little cool when I arrived, and the rangers kindly arranged to shuttle us out to the monarchs. It continued to warm up as we waited for the shuttle, with light winds around 8-10 mph at times. We left at 10:30am, temps were 58-62F. Above flight threshold. Most of the monarchs were gone by the time we reached the roosting sites, with only around 1000 left still scattered along South Estuary drive. But it was wonderful enjoying the company of fellow monarch enthusiasts, and we got some beautiful photos despite the near constant drizzle. I figured the monarchs would head for fields with large numbers of wildflowers to feed (nectar source). I found some monarchs in the meadows surrounding the nature center, and a small roost was forming in the line of cottonwood trees across from the barn. I wonder if more will roost there as night falls.
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