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The Church Of Hank Williams | by Cayusa
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The Church Of Hank Williams

Flash fired with ebay remote. 580EX II at 1/64 power from picture left and through a white translucent umbrella.


Week 31, Assignment 3 for Take A Class With Dave And Dave.


Spirituality. As a wonderful contrast to assignment 2, We spin you around 180deg and have you express spirituality. This is not necessarily a redux of religion, but certainly could be.


So I went a totally different direction with this assignment than I first planned on. I had something in mind when the week started, but due to the weather and Savanah's birthday party I had no time early in the week and I had been hoping the weather would break and I could get some sun, but no such luck.


So for the past few rainy days I've been sitting around thinking about what I could do. Then I started thinking about the word spirituality and that let me to spirits which is another term for liquor. Then I remembered a favorite Mark Chestnut song and it all came together. So consider this one spirit-tuality.


Sure, it probably wasn't what Dave had in mind, but it works for me.


(Just so you all know, I'm not really drinking and I'm 100% sober)



Mark Chestnut


The Lord loves the drinkin' man

He sent honky tonk angels to the promise land

I hear that he can turn the water to wine

Any man that can do that oh he's a good friend of mine

I been baptized in beer I'm here to testify

I was speaking in tongue when I came home last night

Some folks say I'm livin' in sin but I know

The Lord loves the drinkin' man


The preacher man he told me boy you ain't no good

The devil's gonna getcha best start actin' like you should

Oh but cold beer and bright lights stayin' out all night

The good book it tells me boy your souls gonna burn

My mama says son your headin' down the wrong road

They don't let honky tonkers up in heaven I've been told

But don't you worry mama I'll see you up in heaven

Ya I've been thinkin' ‘bout it and I've come to this conclusion now




Well my daddy said son you're living your life all wrong

Lightning's gonna strike you down before too long

The man up stairs he don't like whatcha do

And when you reach those pearly gates you ain't getting' through

Well I've been thinkin' gotta a brand new plan

I'm gonna start a little church down at the stumble in

Ya that's right I'm gonna start my own religion

We'll be drinkin' and a dancin' at the church of Hank Williams ya




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Taken on August 21, 2007