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Just Expressing Her Opinion | by Cayusa
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Just Expressing Her Opinion

In case you aren't aware of what is going on, Google has this service called Orkut, which is a lame version of My Space. In addition to being lame, it has become home to image thieves. These images are of kids, most from photos found here on Flickr. These weirdos take the image, claim it as their own (even putting a different name on it) and use them in their photo collections or as their avatars.


I found a few of Savanah's pictures there. I'm irritated at both whoever took these images in the first place and I'm pissed at Google for being completely unresponsive to this issue. At least with the images of Savanah that were used, nothing "hokey" was done with the images. Before I even began to post pictures of her, I knew that this possibility existed. In this great big world of ours, there are some sickos. I don't post any pictures of her that I feel could be used in an offending way. I don't really understand the thought process behind these image thefts and use. Most of the links are in another language. Maybe they find it fun, maybe they are just that friggin ugly. Who knows?


Regardless of why, it is just wrong. Google, however, has been less than cooperative about the entire issue and refuses to act.


You can find out more by going here and to see a worst case scenario check out this one.


You can find a petition against this abuse here and sarah smile ... "art & soul" has taken up the cause. You can also help out by following the links found here.

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Taken on September 26, 2007