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3-29-07 | by chrismaverick
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Day 230 of 365 days.


One of the nice things about the Class with Dave group is that it forces me to get off my ass and do different shots. I actually thought of this one weeks ago, but just never got around to it. But this week with a health and fitness assignment, I thought it'd be the perfect time to do it.


Something kind of interesting about working out under 3000 watts of studio lights. You get hot really really fast. I guess in some ways that's a good thing. It's all about working up a sweat, but, damn does it get hot. It was pretty fun though, and I should work out with the heavy bag more often. The draw back is that since I was doing it alone, I didn't have anyone spotting me on the bag, and even a 100 lbs heavy bag gets some swing in it when you really lay into it. So, I fell into this routine of 10 seconds of combination, run over, press the camera button again, run back, 10 more seconds (and the bag has hopefully slowed down by the time I got back).


What I didn't get around to doing today was working on my paper. Which I really should. But I'm also kind of feeling the call of the hottub. I wonder what will prevail.


An alternate shot for today is found here.


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Taken on March 29, 2007