Wedding - 1998
Izumi & I met for the first time at school in Brooklyn, NY when we were both four. Almost 30 years later halfway around the world, we met again, by chance, in Tokyo. We of course did not remember each other but having heard that she went to a montessori school in Brooklyn and knowing that there were not many in the city then, I wondered.

When Izumi went home the evening after we met and said that she met a "Mr. Kennedy," it was her mother who asked, "Is that Ian? Does he have curly hair?" They later dug through their old photo albums and Izumi brought photos of old birthday party and the class picture above. I later went through our old picture box and found pictures of the same party (taken from a different camera) and the same old class picture.

We married a year later at an old Russian restaurant in the shadow of the Russian embassy in downtown Tokyo where we had one of our first dates. These are photos from that memorable day.
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