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Transmit Your Images Elsewhere | by cogdogblog
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Transmit Your Images Elsewhere

Flickr offers many tools that allow you to transmit or "syndicate" your images so they dynamically appear on other web sites-- so when you update your photo collection on flickr, they can be displayed on other sites without having to do any work there.


You can look at using this on two different levels- ones is to create a flickr account that is the source to publish images elsewhere, or to be broader and use tools to transmit images that everyone is posting on flickr.


For the second example, I made an example that generates a Flash "badge", or an small animated display of all photos added to flickr that have been "tagged" with the keyword k12online06 -- so as pepope participate in this conference, maybe upload their own photos, this badge gives a way to peek into previews of the most recent photos. It's likely one of these will appear on the conference web site, but I made an example you can see, and have provided the code you can copy and paste to use in your own sites:


Flickr has a badge generation tool that lets you create this on 4 easy steps.


For the more limite approach, you may want to post just the images you want from a single account, say a teacher who is using it to form an image pool that can by "transmitted" to her class blog page, perhaps showing the latest student projects for parents to get a peek at, or recent photos for a field trip. Flickr also provides a badge tool that can create a vertical or horizontal strip of images; either ones form an entire account, or from my second example, just my own pictures that feature dogs:


Lastly, flickr accounts have the ability to connect them to various blog tools, including Blogger, so that you can create a blog post using any of your own flickr images-- it will allow to to enter the text to go along with the picture, and automatically publish it to your site. Check out an example of a photo of some big old canyon (my onw photo) I posted to a Blogger site directly from flickr:


But actually, you can also create blog posts based on other people's images (if they have provided the permission to do this), so this opens some possibilities for having students research images within flickr, and then publish findings, with commentary, to a blog site.


So I used the flickr creative commons search for some school related images, and found an interesting photo of a sign at a school, so I used flickr's tools to again, compose a blog entry based on someone else's image:



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This is but one piece of "I Didn't Know You Could Do That with Free Web Tools", a presentation for the 2006 K-12 Online Conference. Other pieces are scattered across the web!

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Uploaded on October 14, 2006