I have always enjoyed wild places and the animals that live in them, especially in the middle of cities.

After the recent fire in Griffith Park I spent several days documenting its effects. I expected to find only
scorched trees and hills. Instead, the fire revealed
the park's wildlife in ways that both shocked and
saddened me.

During the fire our worries about damage to our
neighbor’s homes, and the destruction to such beloved
landmarks as Dante's View, trumped all other concerns.
Now, I hope my photos will reveal the true victims of
the blaze: our native wild life.

Los Angeles needs Griffith Park and its largely
unknown wild places. I hope that the park, and its natural inhabitants, are healing and in the next few months the park will reopen to the public.

A portion of each sale from “After the Griffith
Park Fire” photo auction will go directly to The
Griffith Park Recovery Fund.

The Griffith Park Recovery Fund, set up by the
Greek Theatre Advisory Committee in cooperation with the
Department of Recreation and Parks for the City of Los
Angeles, hopes to restore the park to its former glory
and to stabilize the barren slopes after fires in May
2007 destroyed over 800 acres.

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