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I'm excited to share my collection of marvelous and inspiring business cards with you. Each card is owned and photographed by me. I am grateful to all the talented designers around the globe that have sent me their work. I've included the name of and link to, the designer whenever available - please contact these creative wonders if you have a project in mind.

My wish is to inspire first and then to promote good design and good designers! I hope these little gems make you look a little closer and a little deeper at the little things all around you. Enjoy!


**Please ask for my permission to use these photographs as they were all taken by me. Or please include a link back here as the photo credit. Thank You.

An interview here: ephemera.typepad.com/ephemera/2008/03/when-did-your-p.html

VERY funny *business card* scene from American Psycho :::
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