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Kens going for it!

everyones into it

Snow white says

" hell I"d do this for free"

"This is so hot my plastics melting!"

"ooh yeah this is awesome said Pocohantus someone roll another joint!"

Lets get really fucked up!


but pass me the K-Y

I am feeling a bit sore said Snoe White!












if you want to see the whole set go to my site and go to bad barbie bad ken because its a story with text and it uploaded backwards in my website but not in the set

this is kens party before he HAS to marry bridel barbie

but things go horribly WRONG!

also check out more hardcore bad barbie and ken and toy porn and donald trump doll set on my home page


Barbie Creator's Racy Sex Secrets Revealed

Sex NewsEntertainmentJan 9th 2009

By Heather Muse


Admit it, you were one of those girls who put Barbie in some compromising positions when you were younger. It turns out that's just part of the doll's history: A new book says that the man who helped design Barbie was "a 'full-blown '70s-style swinger" with "a manic need for sexual gratification'" (as the New York Post so delicately puts it).


In the soon-to-be-released book "Toy Monster: The Big, Bad World of Mattel," author Jerry Oppenheimer spills secrets about the sex life of toy designer Jack Ryan (no, not the Tom Clancy protagonist portrayed by Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Alec Baldwin onscreen).


Wild Life

According to one of Oppenheimer's sources, designer Ryan (left) would talk about creating his masterpiece in creepy detail: "It was like listening to somebody talk about a sexual episode, almost like listening to a sexual pervert."


The book alleges that Ryan patronized prostitutes, threw orgies and sought out women who looked like Barbie.


Not the First Claim

Ryan's strange psychodynamics with the doll will be no surprise to those who know their toy history. Ryan always seemed to want Barbie to walk the line between sexy and skanky, and when the prototypes of the doll came back from Japan, he filed off the nipples because, according to The Telegraph, "the Japanese had not understood the subtleties of western sexual iconography."


He also was so enamored with Barbie's pull-string talk boxes that he had some fitted into the stone lions at his Bel Air mansion.


The eponymous Ken doll isn't scandal-free, either. The toy was named after the son of a Mattel founder. According to Oppenheimer, the real-life Ken grew up "humiliated" by the link, and became a closeted gay man who died of complications relating to AIDS


More Dark Secrets

The book alleges that Ryan was so obsessed with the dolls, he paid for his multiple wives and innumerable girlfriends (with whom he supposedly enjoyed cocaine and orgies in a "black fox fur"-lined dungeon) to have cosmetic surgery in order to more closely resemble them.


But even Zsa Zsa Gabor, whom he purportedly married due to her remarkably Barbie-like appearance, told Oppenheimer that she knew she'd made a mistake in marrying him when he tried to bribe a tour guide to fulfill his husbandly duties on their honeymoon. Ultimately, Ryan succumbed to the depression that had plagued him his entire life, and fatally shot himself in 1991.


Barbie's Many Looks

Barbie's come a long way from her tarted-up roots (she was allegedly based on a German sex doll popular in the 1950s). One of the latest Barbie collectibles coming out this month is the "Carol Burnett Show" Went With The Wind Doll. Yes, it's a Barbie. Of Carol Burnett.


Just browsing the Barbie Loves Pop Culture and Celebrity Doll galleries shows you that this girl is willing to be anything, and people are willing to buy whatever she's selling. The Lounge Kitties collection, however, looks like something Jack Ryan might have really liked.




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Bild Lilli Doll History 1952 German




Bild Lilli 1955-1960's




Marlene Dietrich, actress


(1901 - 1992)


#1 Barbie 1959



Lilli was originally a cartoon character created by German cartoonist Reinhard Beuthien for a "filler" on June 24, 1952 for the newspaper Bild-Zeitung in Hamburg, Germany. She became very popular as a curvy gal who knew what she wanted and went about her business to get it. She was classy, sassy, fashionable (his wife Erika helped with the fashions) and desirable, much like the Ms. Dietrich of the 1930's movies (have you ever watched the movies Blue Angel or Blonde Venus?)

After a short time Reinhard decided to produce a doll of this character and it was Max Weissbrodt from the famous Hausser/Elastolin company in Neustadt/Coburg, Germany who created and produced a doll to his satisfaction.


On August 12, 1955 Lilli was first sold in Germany, usually found in smoke shops and a few toy stores. Later they were exported to several countries, even the USA (these have a doll stand with only "Lilli" on them, the regular stand says "Bild Lilli".


Lilli's original stand is just like "younger-cousin" Barbie's it's round and the dolls foot has holes that fit on to a prong of metal. She was accompanied by a miniature copy of the Hamburg newspaper Bild-Zeitung and the cartoon continued to run in the real journal every Sunday.


Her entire packaging was designed by Mrs. E. Martha Maar (mother-in-law to the owner of the Hausser company and owner of a doll company 3 M Dolls), it consisted of a clear oval tube with the doll on a Lilli round stand as the bottom and a lid. The doll is unmarked. Her stand had her name on it.


She was produced in 7 1/2 -8" and 11 1/2", her shoes and earrings are molded on, she has a painted face with side glancing eyes with white irises, high v-like narrow eyebrows, red cupid bow lips and fingernails. She is all plastic with limbs attached inside by coated rubber bands. Her hair is a cut-out scalp that is attached by a hidden metal screw that was not meant to be played with and is in split curl bangs and a ponytail (Note: this was intended for adult males as a party or gag gift) usually found in Blonde. She came as a dressed doll, with additional fashions available separately. Her fashions have push together snaps usually marked on the inside snap with "PRMY".


Note about those Eyes: The Shinto religion has a belief that all things possess a spirit, including dolls, so they are made with "side-glancing" eyes, so they can't look you in the eye and they have a ceremony to destroy unwanted dolls so the spirit cannot come back to do vengeance on the former doll owner. Today they have a "Thanksgiving Ceremony" to destroy unwanted dolls at the Meiji Shrine in Harajuku, Japan that takes place on the Sunday closest to October 15th and is held annually. Don't panic, historically important dolls are selected and put into a museum nearby :)


This is the doll that Ruth Handler found while shopping in Europe in 1956, and was exactly what she had been thinking of producing. She bought three dolls; gave one to daughter Barbie and the others to her designers at Mattel. The rest is pretty well known history. Barbie debuted at the New York toy fair on March 9, 1959. A bit before this time Mattel acquired the rights to Lilli.


The molds however were also sold to a British Hong Kong firm named Dura-Fam Ltd. which produced the same 11 1/2" doll which is found marked "Hong Kong". Another set of molds were leased to Chang-Pi Su Co. who reduced them to 7 1/2 - 8" and released them as "Cherie". More blank molds went to Fab-LU (Luften, Ltd.) who sold a doll called Babs, Marx used them too and had a doll called Bonnie, a larger 15" doll called Miss Seventeen "A Beauty Queen" and a 7" doll named Miss Marlene. Sak Industries, Inc. used the mold and sold a doll named Babbie, and an Australian firm Haro-Mate Ltd. sold the dolls marked "Hong Kong" and carried the registration number of "British Patent #804566 and U.S. patent #2925684. Most of these dolls come from the 1960's -1964.


All this of course causes confusion to the collectors of a true Lilli who can command a price just as high as Number 1 Barbie's if not more.


Author Note: I do not know if Marlene Dietrich ever noticed the uncanny resemblance of Lilli, if she was truly the inspiration, or even if she collected dolls. In Billy Boy's book on Barbie he suggests that Bridget Bardot may have been the inspiration or another of the blonde bomb shells of that era, but I think they came after Bild Lilli and perhaps she was THEIR inspiration.




Bild Lilli Film Poster


Note: Barbie Bazaar has a great article on the clone Lilli's in their April 2001, Barbie Doll Collector Magazine, lots of photo's showing the various faces.



Bild Lilli Doll History 1952 German


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DOLL REFERENCE Copyright all rights reserved including photos & content.



BARBIE and Ken are beloved by millions of children - but the people behind the world's most popular dolls were involved in unsavory sexual behavior they kept secret for years, a new book reveals.


In "Toy Monster: The Big, Bad World of Mattel," out next month, Jerry Oppenheimer reveals that Jack Ryan, the Yale-educated designer who popularized Barbie, was a "full-blown seventies-style swinger" with "a manic need for sexual gratification."


Staging orgies at his Bel-Air mansion, Ryan, whose wives included Zsa Zsa Gabor, surrounded himself with busty Barbie clones, including Gwen Florea, who was the "voice of Barbie" in a line of talking dolls. The book quotes her: "He once said to me he loved me being tall so he could stick his nose in my boobs when he hugged me."


Ryan's friend, Stephen Gnass, confides to the author: "When Jack talked about creating Barbie . . . it was like listening to somebody talk about a sexual episode, almost like listening to a sexual pervert . . ." Ryan took calls at Mattel from a madam and patronized "high-class call girls to streetwalkers," including a "very thin and child-like" hooker. The book claims that Ryan "somehow rationalized that he was the only man in her life" until he was diagnosed with gonorrhea.


Barbie and Ken were named after the kids of Mattel founders Ruth and Elliot Handler - an honor that plagued Ken, who "grew up embarrassed and humiliated by having an anatomically incorrect boy doll named after him . . . [with] no hint of genitalia."


Despite marrying and having three kids, Ken was a closeted gay, Oppenheimer says. "To all those who knew him Ken Handler was a wonderful father, a loving husband . . . But there was another side to Ken. And in 1990 he was formally diagnosed with AIDS. His parents and wife were shocked." He died in 1994 in Greenwich Village, but obits didn't mention the disease.

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