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fact or fiction? | by db Photography | Demi-Brooke
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fact or fiction?

how many am i supposed to do? five i think, isn't it?

if its more than that, i'll add some.


numero uno.] I love this camera, but have yet to use it. I love photography in general. This sudden fad with photography is kind of irritating, because it seems like anyone with a camera has "photography is my life goal passion dream lalala" plastered everywhere. i'm all for expressing yourself through pictures, if you're sincere. if you're doing it for a fad, getchyoself a life, foo'.


tewwww.] I love gardening, gardens, flowers, etc. Today, my mom decided i'm allowed to have a garden out my side window. i'm so excited! little gnomes and mushrooms are going to be all over it. we've already bought some herbs and flowers, and i hope to get a vine growing up a fence for the corner. oh baby oh baby oh baby, oh!


3.] I have a minor obsession with burts bees everything. i own all their hand lotions, chapsticks, and my favorite, their cuticle cream. that stuff makes me feel all close to nature, like i'm rubbing nature all over my person. not to be awkward or anything...


four.] i keep a journal, and if i don't write in it daily, i feel as if i might go insane. I have to constantly have record of what i do each day, especially when its something interesting or funny. comic strips, pictures, collages, and far too many lists are also kept in it. recently, my friend Kristin made [yes, MADE. i'll have to get a picture of it up soon] a journal, which i've been using for church notes, favorite verses, and bible study notes. i'm a journalin' looney; guard your children.


a whole hand.] I really want a pet sloth. and i don't care if they have bugs in their skin, you've got bugs in your bed. so there. stick that in your juicebox and suck it. : )




ciao, bella.





i really hope my computer gets fixed soon.

i miss having photoshop to layer things! oh man. (c)<copyrighted by steve

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Taken on April 15, 2008