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Douc Langur | by digitalART2
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Douc Langur

Shot in Rare Mammal House Through glass and low light. Phila. Zoo

The Red-shanked Douc (Pygathrix nemaeus) is a species of Old World monkey and probably the most colourful of mammals. This colourful and attractive primate is sometimes called the "costumed ape" for its extravagant appearance. This colourful monkey looks like a little Buddha, wearing a gray shirt and black shorts. It sports maroon-red stockings (from knee to ankle) and white forearm length gloves. Its attire is finished with black hands and feet. The golden face is framed by a white ruff, which is considerably fluffier in males. The eyelids are a soft powder blue. The tail is white with a triangle of white hair at the base, males of all ages have a white spot on both sides of the corners of the rump patch, females don't have these. Males have red and white genitals.


The word ‘douc’ (pronounced ‘dook’) is an ancient name of Vietnamese origin. The douc is an arboreal and diurnal monkey, eating and sleeping in the trees of the forest.

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Taken on April 11, 2008