Searls, Englert & Dwyer Family Archive
An archive of photos, along the line astride Henry Roman Englert (1855-1943) and his daughter Florence Dwyer (1885-1969?), and the generations on down from Samuell Searls' son Allen, father of a large family in Syracuse, New York. Allen's son George William Searls is my Grandfather. He married Ethel F. Englert, one of Henry Englert's four daughters. Florence Englert, who married Jack Dwyer, was Ethel's sister and my great-aunt. Most of the Englert and Dwyer photos were scanned by my cousin Martin Burns, with notes mostly by his mother Catherine, daughter of Florence and Jack Dwyer, who is also well-represented in the collection. Henry Englert headed the Steel & Copper Plate Engraver's Union in New York for thirty years. Jack was an executive with the Red Star Line, a passenger and shipping line out of Antwerp and New York. George Searls' generation mostly spelled their surname Searles. Allen's prior generation was variously called Surles, Sarles, Searls and Searles. Confusing things further are two more Allen Searls: my father Allen Henry Searls and my son Peter Allen Searls, who mostly goes by his middle name.
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