2013_12_30 Montserrat Mountain in Catalonia
Shots of Montserrat (in Catalan, serrated mountain), a distinctive landform that rises from the Catalonian countryside just west of Barcelona. Shot en route from Madrid to Barcelona on a hazier day than it appears here. Those are the Pyrennees in the background, spine of the Basque Country and boundary between Spain and France. On the Spanish side are less the Spanish than the Catalan, less Spain than Cataloniaa, better known as Cataluña by its inhabitants. While there are higher mountains in the snowcapped Pyrenees, no mountain is more Catalonian than Montserrat. I knew little of this, by the way, before I spotted the mountain from the plane. But I knew it had to matter, given how anomalous it appeared, sticking out like an Ayers Rock, a Gibraltar, an Uhuru. In fact I was struck, flying over northern Spain, how much it resembled the American West. Nothing I saw would be out of place near a Sedona or a Provo.
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