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I once bravely declared sometime in the prehistory of my old non-blog site that Miss K's draGnet would contain no make up tips. I think that was actually the tagline once. Quite apart from the fact that "transgendered z-list celebrity" is actually a much better and more satisfying tagline, I now ironically find myself giving you some make-up tips. Must be my advanced age. Those brain cells never come back, you know...


Er.. Where was I...? Oh yes. So this is how Miss K is constructed. Pay attention at the back please.


AARGH. OK, the sensitive may want to avert their eyes now. This (↑) is where it starts. The blank canvas. Virgin territory. The undiscovered country. Tabula rasa. The hideous truth. Fear and Awe. Steptoe and Son. No it's not safe to look yet...


So, at this stage you will already have cleansed, toned, moisturised, shaved closely and plucked the brows. You can't make a girlie girl out of a dirty, hairy monkey.


Enticing though that idea is.





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Taken on September 25, 2005