FAILED : 366 days
AHhh well - didn't do too bad until I lost my phone, along with it serveral days continuity. May try again sometime..

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::UPDATE:: after calling this set '365 days' for ages, I've renamed it '366 days'... as it's a leap year!

Inspired by thing that I've seen other people do where they take a shot every day.



I like the idea.

I'm going to try it for a while and see how far I get. (ultimate aim would be a year - started the day after my birthday so, I should always be able to tell how old I am to the day) . It's quite hard to say "yea, that image represents today" or "that's the best image I'm going to see or create all day" (although I'd like to aim for the above) in reality, it'll be a case of "I like that scene / image that I saw today" some, I grant you will be perhaps ver ver dull but I'm engaging in the series, not the single image... if you get my meaning.
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