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Pronto Market one of the original Trader Joe's ( City of Downey,CA) | by Dying In Downey
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Pronto Market one of the original Trader Joe's ( City of Downey,CA)

O.k., so I've had this image for awhile and after getting in a conversation tonight with a couple of my coworkers I decided it was time to post it up. BTW this market is just down the street from where I live. It's no longer Pronto Market as those Pronto Markets that did not become Trader Joe's turned into Hi Ho markets. Downey Conservancy if you can please put in your image and link to what this building looks like today that would be much appreciated. This building is on Downey Ave and ..... ( Downey Conservancy help me out here)

Getting back to this particular store though. Pronto Markets at one point were very much like liquor stores. However these markets did a little something extra-- they bought barrels of nuts and bulk blocks of cheese and then in turn went on to cut and package this cheese and bagged the nuts. They also squeezed their own orange juice. How do I know this? I've worked and talked with employees from the Pronto Market era. I'm a Trader Joe employee myself. I actually got the chance to speak with one of the original box boys from this store. He went on to become a captain and is now retired.

If anyone has any images of the inside of these markets and or stories from back in the days please feel free to post here. This image was scanned out of a City of Downey business photo book from the 60's.


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Taken on September 12, 2007