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WUP (Wake Up Pad) One - with Flickr notes | by Earl - What I Saw 2.0
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WUP (Wake Up Pad) One - with Flickr notes

I just made this from a Moleskine Cahiers mini-note book, and I've already put it into play. There are 6 parts to a WUP - which can be any kind of notebook, pda, tape recorder - you just have to use it!


1. Carry it everywhere - memory faulty, pen and paper, reliable.


2. Scan - the world and write down what you see, without comment or judgement. Observe, don't judge.


3. Eavesdrop - listen to what people are talking about - live, radio, TV - don't judge, just listen, and write it down.


4. Ponder - read over what you've seen/heard and think about it. Write down some implications.


5. Talk about it - bounce your thoughts off others - everyone who matters - who are observing and interacting, too. Here's what I'm seeing/hearing/noticing - and kick it around together.


6. Do something about it! Stick out your neck and try something new.


The concept is from Radical Edge, by Steve Farber - excellent book on how to stoke your business, amp your life and change the world. How could I not want to do those three things?


You can visit the online version of my WUP here: !

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Taken on October 14, 2006