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RadioPopper | by Jordan Chan
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Kevin King finally came out of the closet an unveiled the much anticipated Radio Poppers. These little devices are simply amazing and give us the freedom, range and flexibility that other wireless devices offer, and still able to transmit e-TTL or i-TTL signal from the master to the wireless flash.


Previously with the IR system that Canon and Nikon use has been severely limited by line of sight and operational distance. But the advantage is the ability to retain e-TTL or i-TTL functionality as well as High Speed Sync. Pocket Wizards and 3rd party radio transmitters will only trigger the flash. No TTL communication goes between the two. Without TTL, you're limited to the camera's sync speed which would be anywhere from 1/160th to 1/250th of a sec. In a harsh daylight, you will have to shoot anywhere from f8 all the way down to f22 to maintain the 1/250.


This is where radio poppers comes in. With TTL radio transmission, I can fire the flash from across the hall, around corners, harsh daylights, and 1/8000th aft high speed sync at f2.8. So, all the limitations that I've encountered in the past are gone.


The devices itself are smaller than the pocket wizard. Currently the working prototype only has an on/off button and a link button. The transmitter antenna is about an inch and half long. The receiver antenna is about the same but this one has a fiber optic caber which transmits the TTL directly into the flash.



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Uploaded on February 25, 2008