Alvin the Leonberger
We aren't really sure which is bigger...our smiles when Alvin comes to visit or Alvin himself! Alvin is a Leonberger, a giant breed of dog bred originally in Germany that is also known for its intelligence and somewhat lion-like appearance. Alvin's handlers, Julia and Steve Roberts, gave him that name because the German meaning of Alvin is "loved by all." And Alvin is truly beloved by many of the residents at FFC.

Alvin is a little over two years old and received his Therapy Dog International and Canine Good Citizen certification in April, 2012. Weighing in around 150 pounds and possessing an incredibly calm and very sweet-natured temperament, many FFC resident refer to him as "the gentle giant." Alvin likes to get very "up close and personal" with everyone he sees. And as you can see from the photos, we like him, too!
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