Magnetic Acrylic Rubik's Cube Project
I recently picked up a few Rubik's Cubes, and then many more, and then a severe cubing habit. Learning to solve it sparked a small avalanche of weird project ideas in my mind - perhaps as many as 20 fairly varied concepts. I tend to do that with each new obsession. One of the ideas that seemed achievable in the near term was this. I realized separate cubes could be held together by magnets - an idea I'd later learn was one of Erno Rubik's first ideas for creating his cube idea in the late 1970s.

Powerful neodymium disc magnets are more than strong enough to link the pieces, and shearing force - the kind of force that separates magnets by sliding them apart can separate magnets with much less effort than typical pull force that separates them straight apart - it's easier to slide a magnet across a fridge than to pull it straight off - meaning that the axles from the center cube would hold as the 8 surrounding sets of magnets of a face sheared apart to allow the spin.

These are just some glamour shots of the setup for making the cube, taken while I waited for the magnets to arrive. I had a few Radio Shack neodyms on my workbench, so I sated myself with testing out the connection of 2 cubes in the meantime.
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