(Life with) Maggie
courtesy ofer wolberger
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Resembling a photographic travel diary or a personal photo album, Life with Maggie is the unique record of a character lost in time and place.

Maggie travels and explores a classic and seemingly timeless landscape while posing in outfits she carefully selects to complement and contrast with her surroundings.

Like a tourist, Maggie visits iconic historic sites and poses with objects and environments that reflect her sensibility. Her studied poses, unchanging expression and subtle gestures are complemented and informed by landscapes and settings imbued with color, feeling and emotion.

The locations and situations Maggie chooses are beautiful and romantic, intimate and public, but Maggie herself remains a mystery. She is a contemplative and solitary figure understood only by the collection of photographs she leaves behind.

Throughout her journey, Maggie attempts to identify with and relate to her surroundings. In the process she discovers her sense of self and style while also exploring the nature of her own individuality.
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