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...When does the United States go from a force for good, to a force of imperialism?


~~ Why We Fight is the title of a series of propaganda films that Frank Capra began making in 1942, with the aim of encouraging the American war effort against Nazism. Director Eugene Jarecki (The Trials of Henry Kissinger) has used the films as a commentary on the contemporary obsession of the American elite with military power.


He also harks back to a speech by President Eisenhower, who, just before he left office, referred to the "military-industrial complex". Eisenhower was worried that too much intelligence, and too much business acumen in America, had become focussed on the production of unnecessary weapons systems.


Since Eisenhower's time, everything has become much worse, as Eugene Jarecki describes it. The war in Iraq was made possible by a new range of weapons systems: a bomb called the "bunker buster" was dropped by stealth bombers on the first night of the conflict.


Is American foreign policy dominated by the idea of military supremacy? Has the military become too important in American life? Jarecki's shrewd and intelligent polemic would seem to give an affirmative answer to each of these questions.



Com uma pesquisa histórica impecável, combinada a testemunhos atualizados, o diretor examina a extensão da influência da indústria militar na atualidade. Para ele, o que se convencionou chamar de complexo militar-industrial não só lucra com a guerra, mas também se torna uma força que faz a guerra acontecer. O filme começa com palavras premonitórias do general Dwight Eisenhower que, em seu discurso de despedida, alertava para o surgimento do complexo militar-industrial, algo que estava começando a adquirir tal influência sobre os Estados Unidos que poderia ameaçar a democracia globalmente.


+ info: WHY WE FIGHT (IMDb)

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