Bank of Waterloo - 12/27/2013
Waterloo had a small commercial block located on the eastern side of what is now Highway 221.
J.C. Smith opened the Bank of Waterloo on Main Street in 1913. The frame building has a brick exterior and occupies the northernmost section of the three-part commercial block. The main façade is framed with large brick pilasters that are topped with a simple entablature. The main door has a simple transom and is offset with a store window located to the right. The door and window are topped with a simple entablature supported by small brackets. This same decoration is seen in the gutter just below the roofline. The bank remained in operation under the direction of E.V. Golding through the agricultural depression that gripped the south in 1921, but was forced to close its doors in 1931 after the Great Depression made it impossible for Golding to continue.

Today the building stands empty with “Bank Of Waterloo” still legible on the main façade.
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