River Falls Contra Dance / Contrdance - 04/12/08
Located in Marietta South Carolina, River Falls is a little out-of-the-woods joint used by the Greenville and Regional contra dancing crowd. See the Harvest Moon website for more information and scheduling.

Caller : Jennie Wakefield, Band: Dancing Bears.

The dance was a benefit dance for the TigersGo:

“We are a Christian humanitarian organization committed to helping others in need. We operate primarily in Clemson, South Carolina, and New Orleans, Louisiana. We have been taking trips to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina and continue to go down and help do reconstruction. In Clemson, we focus on working with local homeowners in order to help fix people's houses who cannot afford to do that on their own. We are trying to raise money so that we can buy supplies and gas for these mission projects.”
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