Schwinn Paramount fork repair
What does one do when you find a vintage Schwinn Paramount frame, then realize that most of the threaded end of the fork is broken off? That was the question posed to me by someone from Seattle.

Remove the steerer, braze a new one in.

But you don't want to use heat to remove it, it would take too much to melt all of the filler, and potentially damage the rest of the fork. Brazing it in only heats a section at a time to draw the filler in.

So I cut off the steerer at the fork crown, then milled out most of the remainder with a large step bit. The final removal was careful filing with a half round, followed by sanding on my oscillating bench sander to keep it perpendicular to the crown.

Paramounts were known for their exquisite chrome socks, lugs, and fork crown. I figured it was worth trying to save it. I've found that fluxing chrome can save it from heat damage when brazing nearby. The flux acts as an oxygen barrier/getter in this case.
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