The Last Winter Tour of the Willamette Valley
Neal Lerner is a friend of mine from back east. He has cabin fever from the weather he's enduring in and around Boston, and since he's a college professer, has a spring break coming up. He believes that the weather in Oregon is warm and dry the first week of March, so he's booked tickets to come out for the better part of a week.

Two people quickly became four, then another was added, who added two more, we had an odd number, so now we're eight crazies thinking this is a good idea, even though it's still winter.

What could possibly go wrong?

Three days of mostly flat riding, more or less following the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway. Credit card touring style, about 60 miles/day, with stops in Salem, Corvallis, and finally Eugene, where we'll take the Amtrak Cascades train back to our starting point in Portland.
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