The Sewa Ashram
I always wanted to visit a charity ashram at some time during my 3 months of travelling in India. Luckily I met a nice girl from Australia called Erin in my second visit to Delhi. Later she got involved with the charity based Sewa Ashram that is just outside of Delhi.

To be honest, I was a bit scared to visit an ashram for destitutes but knowing someone working in one got me the courrage to visit Sewa.

To say the least the trip was an amazing experience for me. I have great respect for the charity workers there and especially for Ton, the Dutch man who founded the Sewa Ashram after initially bringing a dieing man to his hotel room in Delhi many years ago.

Patients are brought to the Ashram for various reasons: Tuberculosis, HIV, malnutrition, injury, intellectual disability among other things.

Old men that are not fit to take care of themselves have their own little haven as do children.

See the Sewa Ashram's home page for details.
I encourage you to donate to the Sewa Ashram.
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